Password and reset issues

The process to reset your password is very simple and we will help you! Just follow the steps below:

– In the logged-in area, click on “Account”;

– Now, on the left side menu, click on “Change Password” and then on “Request Code”;


– The following screen will appear and you will have to fill it in with your current password, the new password and the code you received by email.

Ready! Now just click on “Submit” and your password will be reset. Simple, right?

But if you forgot your password and can’t access the account to reset it, the process is different. Check out:

– On the login screen, click on “Forgot Password”;

– Now fill in your access email and click “Submit”;

– Register your new password and fill in the code you received by email.

You will be redirected to the login page and can now login using your new password.

Throughout the process, if you need help, you can count on us!