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High performance for traders.

The safest and advanced cryptocurrency trading platform, with more than 330 cryptos, 570 books and 24/7 expert support.

+330 CRYPTOS     |     +570 BOOKS

International cryptocurrency trading platform

Everything you need to quality and
safety trades.

Advanced Orders

All kind of trade orders, like market, limit, stop loss and take profit.


Technical Indicators

Complete graphics with real-time technical indicators and analytical tools to expert traders.

High liquidity

Global books to buy and sell high cryptocurrency volumes, reducing the slippage risk while you taking advantage of market trends.

For experienced and beginners traders

Advanced and indispensable
trading tools and features.


An expert team dedicated to helping you anytime. 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Trust and credibility

Developed by Foxbit SA, with 8 years of operations and expertise in solutions for cryptocurrency market.

More than 330 cryptos to diversify
your portfolio!

Trade in +570 crypto/crypto books with cryptocurrencies, NFTs, tokens DeFi, utility tokens, stablecoins, tokenized real assets and much more.

Optimize your trades

Trade anywhere and anytime with our app.

With Foxbit Pro app, you can be conected with crypto market anywhere you are in a simples and fast way.

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A new platform, more advanced, bringing innovation, security, quality, and technology to advanced cryptocurrency trading.

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What is Foxbit Pro?

An advanced crypto trading platform from the Foxbit Group for the global market. Foxbit Pro delivers high performance, liquidity, 24/7 support, in addition to a varied portfolio and data indicators.

How to create a Foxbit Pro account?

Open an account at Foxbit Pro is very simple! Click here and check out a step by step.

What are the fees?
Foxbit Pro has competitive fees, being one of the lowest on the market. You can check all fees by clicking here.
What are the Foxbit Pro advantages?

A complete platform for crypto trading, the Foxbit Pro has 570 crypto/crypto books, high performance, speed in transactions and 24/7 support.